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Free Credit Score
Get your free credit score and learn how to improve your overall credit rating.
If your credit score is low and want to improve it, or raise it up, you have to get
the tools and become educated on how to improve your credit.

Most people who have a low score usually have more than one credit card and have
maxed out their credit limit. Other factors that contribute to a lower fico score are
late or non payments on credit card bills, loans, mortgages and many other factors.

A great place to start at improving your credit score is consolidating your debt.
One simple way to do this is to cut down from multiple credit cards to just one or
two. Most credit card companies will allow you to consolidate one card onto another.
By doing this, you can possibly reduce the amount you would of paid out on higher interest
rates on certain cards.

Another great resource for obtaining a free credit score is going to's website.

Another method is to pay off credit cards or loans in full. By doing this, the credit agencies will
receive notice that an account has been paid off and the result will be a higher credit score. Your
score is predicated on a few different factors but mainly it's your debt to earning ratio. The amount of
money you owe is calculated against the amount of money you take in. This calculation determines your
credit score as well.

Free Credit Score Tips:

Check you credit score free to determine your credit score. Free Credit Score 1 is your link to obtain your free score.
Checking your credit report will help you develop a plan to improve your credit score and to catch any errors that may be on your report.

Pay off your credit cards to reduce debt which will help improve your score. Make sure your make your payments on time. Keep any balance that you have low.
Consult with a free credit repair service to get further tips and advice on improving your credit score.